websites for horse racing betting tips
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Looking for horse race betting tips? Check out these websites

Horse racing has been going on for many years and still remains one of the most popular sports to watch. While most people watch it for entertainment, some people may be keen on participating in the sport. But plenty of people take up betting on horse races as a hobby. These people bet on the horse races conducted throughout the year. Sure, horse racing is not something everyone dreams of playing, but it is surely taken up when it comes to betting. Horse racing is the third most popular sport that people bet on. Most horse race enthusiasts bet on it too. The sport was first played in the 1600s and continues to be popular even today. If you are someone who is new to horse racing and wants to start betting on it, just watching it won’t be enough.

Catching up on fresh news is helpful in trying to understand the sport. It will familiarise you with the top players and conditions of racing. Following the latest affairs in horse racing will help you in understanding it and in placing well-informed bets too. If betting is your main objective of following horse races, referring to horse race betting tips might be the best option for you. Many websites offer betting tips that will help you in not only placing a good bet but will also enable you to use your money in the best way possible. 

Here are some websites for horse race betting tips

Horse racing of the most popular sports
  • Free Tips: is a website mainly for betting tips and predictions. You will get free betting tips here for various sports, leagues, and tournaments. They give tips and have bet calculators for sports like horse racing, football, cricket, golf, tennis, greyhound racing, boxing, motorsports, etc. 
  • Betfair: is another website you can refer to for betting tips and predictions. The website gives the latest news and betting tips for many sports like horse racing, rugby, tennis, golf, football, esports, UFC, etc. You can read the latest sports news here and listen to podcasts of experts, on this website. 
  • Sportus: If you want betting tips for many sports on one website, Sportus can be your go-to. This website offers tips for sports like horse racing, soccer, tennis, rugby, basketball, esports, etc. You can get tips for matches of specific countries as well as for specific tournaments.
  • BetClan: Bet Clan is a website offering betting-related news and gives out betting tips and predictions every day for many sports matches. You will find tips and predictions for betting on sports matches from around the world on this website. They give tips for betting on sports like horse racing, cricket, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, tennis, etc. 
  • Today Betting Tips: betting tips today is a website for tips and predictions. They have a huge list of tips and predictions which is updated daily. You can see betting tips for many sports matches that you may want to bet on, on this website.