horse must be tested for prohibited substances
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Saliva test of Jockeys for the cocaine

In horse racing, every horse has to go through a test, to see if they are given any illegal substances which are not allowed in horse racing. It was checked with the help of a blood test, hair, and urine but now it has been upgraded where now it can be tested in the jockey itself.

The new method is sufficiently easy and can be done in a few minutes, whereas the old method used to take more time than the usual. British Horse Authority or BHA said to the BBC that whoever comes positive will have to give the penalty and the horse will get suspended several times. With the help of the last method when the test was going on at that time many jockeys came positive. Whereas between 2014-2019 only 1-2 horses came positive and this test is more accurate than the previous one. 

Last month itself one of the jockeys was banned for 6 months because the horse was on cocaine more than 1000 times beyond the limit and more than it is legal to give. By this new method of testing, he says that he will be able to test more quickly if there is any wrong in the jockey then it can be caught soon and if anything wrong is happening or any illegal substances are given to the horses then it can be stopped soon.

BHA also said that there will be an increase in the penalty so that they can maintain discipline in the jockeys. About the penalties the notifications will be released soon they stated.  

Testing through saliva is 50% more effective than a urine test or any other test and the result comes more accurate than a urine test. There were many things and tests are done wrongly done in the jockeys. Dunshea says that it is a progressive step to remove all kinds of illegal substances and to catch the drugs more easily. 

2021 Horse Racing will be Closed-door

Jockeys saliva test

Horse racing is to be held in the Ooty, but as the Covid cases are increasing day by day. So the team has decided that all the spectators will be banned from entering the stadium for the safety of everyone. All the protocols of the Covid will also be followed at the same time, and for this event, permission is also taken from the collector. 

The committee has informed the collector that the horse racing event will take place with the permission of the Tamil Nadu government and with the strict guidelines and protocols of covid19 for the safety of everyone.

At first, when the Covid cases were fewer at that time this horse racing was scheduled then suddenly the cases started to increase. Then for the safety of the audience and others, horse racing will take place without any audience.